Monday, September 20, 2010


The Lineup: Paula Abdul and the proud, sculpted likeness of the Greek god Mercury in a leather jacket, both starring in the straight-to-video romance "Harlequi$4.99 Sweet Deals"

Fart Factor: A dense 8 out of 10. Paula looks acutely ashamed of the blue mist she left her friend in. He however, tries to nobly hold his breath for as long as he can. Paula leans on a nearby wall either out of exhaustion or because she's drunk again.

Most Likely Fart Suspect: Simon! What?????

Friday, September 10, 2010

Smells Like Hell.

The Lineup: Tom Hanks and a sea of men of the cloth, one of whom is grabbing his crotch (surprise, surprise).
Fart Factor: A weak 4 out of 10. Everyone knows priests fart in their frocks all the time, so locating the source would be as easy as grabbing any of them by the shoulder.
Most Likely Fart Factor: The priest who just passed by the foreground– you see how he opened up his robes? Jeez, somebody light some incense in here.